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About my paintings ...


Inspired by the art of the Australian Aborigines, I created paintings in which I try to deal with symbols appearing in dreams, their meaning and interpretation.
Playing with the symbolism of the subconscious mind served to create supernatural, dream-like, surrealistic worlds that characterize the "light" of the painting and its largely positive mood.

Some of my works contain mandala-like designs of symbols that almost seem to pull viewers into the painting - provided they approach them openly.
Thus, the paintings offer viewers to plunge into a "secret core",
to lose - or find - themselves in inner worlds that make them feel good and secure.

Our trip to Australia not only inspired me to create the most recent paintings but also to change my technique again.
Some of the paintings were created with the help of original Aborigine painting stones from East Australia.
The Aborigines allowed me not only to take the stones back with me to Germany but also to use them in, well, more or less "Western" paintings.
For me, this gesture truly signified cultural interaction and a most memorable connection.

With my project "In the blink of an eye", I would like to inspire viewers to approach life with open eyes and the curiosity of a child.
My goal is to create - piece after piece - 365 paintings of different eyes, all in the same format.
One eye-opening moment for each day of the year.
An invitation to pause, experience the world (more) consciously and focus on its rich variety, to marvel over and over again about our surroundings and what ultimately makes us.
Only if you recognize and understand your "environment" will you be able to protect and save it.

Something I consider as absolutely necessary and inspiring for my development as an artist as well as a person is the constant exchange with a variety of artists I am friends with and the regular and thematic work in artist groups.

Meune Trennlinie Gallery

Information on Materials and Technique:

My early work was created with gouache, watercolor, red chalk and charcoal crayons on watercolor and solid drawing paper.


Then, I started to use acrylic paint on canvas and other backgrounds and mix it with pastell crayons. After our trip to Australia, ...

Schau dich um - es ist für alles gesorgt

...I created numerous collages with acrylic paint and pastell crayons, original Australian painting stones (used by the Aborigines; natural white, ochre and red colors) and seeds, pouches and tree bark from Australia.

Steine bringen dich nicht vom Weg ab - sie weisen ihn dir

Every once in a while, I still work with oil on paper, cardboard or canvas.

Meune Trennlinie Gallery