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Website Credits & Legal Notice


Website Credits:

Meune Lehmann (Freelance Artist)
Hendrik Lehmann (Webmaster)
Stettiner Straße 5
D-24589 Nortorf


According to a ruling of the Hamburg Regional Court of May 12, 1998, the owners of a website may be held responsible for the content of any websites that they link to unless they expressly distance themselves from such content, as stated by the Regional Court. This website contains links to several other websites on the internet. The following applies with regard to these links:
Any and all links on our website are exclusively intended to help our visitors navigate the internet. We emphasize that we have no influence on the design or content of such linked sites. We mainly chose them on the basis of the artistic aspects they provide but expressly distance ourselves from their content and do not incorporate it on our website unless it fully complies with any and all applicable legal legislation and/or requirements.
If you as a webmaster do not wish a link to your site on ours, please send a short e-Mail to We will immeidiately remove the link from our website.

Copyright Notice:

Meune Lehmann is the owner of any and all copyright and proprietary rights in the content of this website.
In consultation with the artist, the designer of this website used parts of individual works as background pictures, dividing lines, buttons and other design elements of this site and modified them for these purposes; such parts are similarly copyright-protected.
It is strictly prohibited to download, save, use or modify the works or individually-modified design elements displayed on this website in whole or in part without the artist's or the web designer's explicit consent for your own or third-party purposes.


Webmaster's Comment


Dear visitor,

this is the homepage of German artist Meune Lehmann from Nortorf.
In spring of 2005, I had to familiarize myself within a few weeks' time with homepage design and HTML programming, two tasks that I was absolutely clueless about at the time.
From early on, our objective was to create and go online with an extensive picture gallery on a website that was both visually attractive and easy to use.
I am certain that we achieved this goal to a certain extent and hope that you willl enjoy and find pleasure in browsing through this website.
If, however, you still happen to notice any mistakes or weaknesses, I'd appreciate if you let me know.

The makers of this website
The makers of this website
on Fraser Island, Australia in 2003

I am particularly grateful to David Ekholm for creating JAlbum, a well-wrought and easy-to-use program to generate picture albums in a simple manner.
Of course, creating a gallery of Meune's paintings has been the reason for and the focus of this website.
JAlbum immediately proved to be the perfect tool to successfully create a presentation of her paintings.
In addition, I'd like to thank Stefan Münz for SELFHTML, a website that provides an extensive account of the programming languages used in the WorldWideWeb and contains the relevant aids and explanations as well as further links on this topic.
Since I discovered "Phase5", an excellent HTML editor created by Ulli Meybohm, I write and edit my source texts almost exclusively with this program.
Phase5 is available under, and - just like all the other programs I use and that are mentioned above - it's freeware!

  is the first website that I ever created. It was followed by various other art and club projects and slowly led me to rate webdesign among my favorite and most interesting hobbies.

It goes without saying that I still really enjoy working with Meune on this project and that I love her just as much as her beautiful paintings.

April 2006    
Hendrik Lehmann

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